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2015 Vintage Report

A dry start to the growing season with a hot November which quickly gave way to a very challenging Vintage start. As the skies delivered a copious amount of rain the race was on to try to manage the picking and processing of the fruit.

In these challenging conditions we started picking Chardonnay which displays great fruit avours and refreshing acidity. It is quietly maturing very nicely in our barrels and tanks.

Following Chardonnay we picked Semillon, here it was clearly evident that our vineyards are some of the best in the Valley! In years like 2015 the pedigree of our Semillon delivers an intense and avoursome citrus driven wine balanced by a zesty palate.

Last but not least we picked Verdelho, a rich and tropical fruit laden wine. A portion of it was fortified to enter our solera. Here it will mature and age to make its way into our award winning Liqueur Verdelho in the distant future. Well and truly a Drayton’s Family speciality.

Our reds were picked in between rain events. As a result they will produce traditional Hunter reds of great structure yet medium bodied.

Some of our Shiraz was picked with the help of our vine parents, members of our Adopt-a-Vine programme. The fruit that resulted from this picking was great and produced some of our best wine from this Vintage. Most of our red wines are maturing in our barrel shed.

Overall I believe that we have produced great wines from Vintage 2015.

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