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Spring Time in the Hunter valley

After a long, cold and dry winter spring has arrived in the Hunter Valley. Pruning is complete and the vines are shooting new growth that will bear the fruit for the upcoming 2016 Vintage. Between now and harvest is the time we monitor the growth of the vines and act readily in the event of pest and disease pressures. Our vineyard team is also kept busy with the maintenance and repairs of the equipment used for the grape harvesting. It is with great anticipation that we await this yearly event.

In the winery we are busying ourselves with bottling our exceptional 2015 white wines and nuturing our reds that are maturing in barrels. Like the vineyard team, we are undertaking routine maintenance of our equipment in anticipation for Vintage 2016.

As we at Drayton's Family Wines embrace the upcoming Vintage we invite you to come for a visit and enjoy our wines now and over the festive season with family and friends.

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