Heritage Vines 1978 Tawny


This outstanding aged Tawny is a blend of fortified wines made with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes harvested in February 1978. Matured in large oak casks in Drayton's Solera System.  A rare find, from limited and constantly diminishing stock.

Tawnys of this age and pedigree don't come around too often.

Deep tawny in colour. Delightful aromas of toffee and a hint of orange zest. Rich, lush flavours of creamy caramel and dried fruit. Crisp finish, with long-lasting nutty characters.

Match made in heaven for a creamy blue cheese or a sharp crumbly aged cheddar. But perfectly delectable when sipped on its own.

With careful long-term cellaring, this wine will remain vibrant and flavoursome for many decades to come. Best before year 2153.

Comes packaged in a premium gift box