Sparkling Travesty Shiraz



Did you know Sparkling Shiraz was invented in Australia? It's one of our most iconic contributions to the wine world. But, at the time of its inception, it was regarded as an absolute travesty by the French and other Europeans.

Even today, chilled sparkling red wines are frowned upon by the 'Old World' of wine. Red bubbles? Sacré bleu!

This premium sparkling Shiraz is our tribute to the pioneering spirit of Australian winemaking. It's delicious and defiant.

Dark berry aromas, with a hint of spice. Rounded palate with soft plum and blackcurrant flavours. Refreshingly effervescent and nicely balanced with subtle oak sweetness.

Goes well with glazed ham, roast lamb, Peking Duck, Christmas turkey, chocolate or vintage cheddar.

Serve chilled and enjoy!